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Since 1980, Beijing Power Equipment Group (BPEG) has started to produce Sulzer series of boiler feed pumps for 200MW, 300MW and 350MW generating units. In 1987, BPEG signed the boiler feed pump co-production contract with Swiss Sulzer company for 200 MW, 300MW, 350MW and 600MW generating units. In 1994, BPEG imported the complete drawings and technical documents from Sulzer for HPTmk200-320 boiler feed pumps and finished all the conversion work in 1995. In November of 1996, the first lot boiler feed pumps made by BPEG was put into operation at Qinhuangdao Thermal Power Plant. In January of 1997, Beijing Power Technology Institute made the performance test for these pumps and the results could meet all the designed requirements. Up to now, BPEG has designed and manufactured more than 100 sets various boiler feed pumps with corollary equipment (hydraulic coupling, booster pump), such as YGO1, YG01A, YG01B, BG21, BG22, BG32, BG61(Sulzer series) and 13CB-4(Ingersoll-Rand series) etc. for over 50 generating units at twenty power plants.

1.The application and the function of the pump The HPTmk boiler feed pump was manufactured by BPEG based on the imported technology of 1980s from Sulzer. It is horizontal and dual-shell and has advantages of high efficiency, wide adaptability and good reliability. It can be stared without preheating. The cartridge block can be drawn out as a whole, convenient for maintenance(it can be changed within 8 hours). The pumps can be equipped for 200MW~600MW power plants.

2. Main technical parameters of the pump

2.1. Description

Name high pressure boiler feed pump

2.2. Technical specification
Technical Parameter
200--320--5s 200--320--6s 300—330--5s
Unit capacity
200 300 300 600
Pump loading rate
100 50 100 50 100 50
r /min
5307 5557 4903 5152 5493 5442
Medium temp
kg / m3
Inlet flow
m3 / h
758.4 636.7 758.4 636.7 1201 1239
Tap flow
m3 / h
33.4 36.7 72 72.7
Outlet flow
m3 / h
725 600 725 600 1129 1167
Delivery lift
1814 2297 1814 2297 2253 2140
61.7 54.4 52.9 47.7 80.4 84.3
Tap pressure
6.88 8.2 95 90.7
82.6 82.8 83.3 83.7 84 84.1
Shaft power
3951 4107 3923 4070 7497 7422
Min. flow
m3 / h
180 295

Remarks: The above data are calculated based on MCR conditions of generating unit

2.3Application and function

2.3.1 HPTmk series of pumps can be applied for 200MW~600MW generating units of power plants at any working conditions.

2.3.2 Equipped pump numbers for one unit 200MW generating unit:

Two sets of HPTmk200-320-6s or HPTmk200-320-5s pumps are equipped at normal operation. One runs, the other stand-by. generating unit:

Three sets of HPTmk200-320-6s or HPTmk200-320-5s pumps are equipped at normal operation. Two pumps run, the third stand-by. generating unit:

Two sets of HPTmk300-330-5s and one set of HPTmk200-320-6s (25%~35% capacity) pumps are equipped.

2.3.3The pumps can be driven by steam turbine or motor.

2.3.4The water inlet and outlet of the pump can be upwards or downwards.

2.3.5The pump can be started up at cold state without preheating.

2.3.6It has high efficiency and the efficiency curve is mild. It is applicable for wide speed governing range.

3.Reference list:

Up to now, BPEG has manufactured more than 40 sets of HPTmk200-320 type boiler feed pumps, which are operated well at Liuzhou, Shuangliao, Xingtai, Xuzhou Power Plants, etc. Two sets of motor driven boiler feed pumps and four sets of steam turbine driven boiler feed pumps for 2×300MW generating units of Qinhuangdao Thermal Power Plant are being delivered . So far, the entire boiler feed pumps for the total 1600MW generating units of Qinhuangdao Thermal Power Plant are manufactured and provided by BPEG

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